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Your Best Self!


A special 2.5 hour online workshop for members of our Team TAYO Filipino domestic worker community! 

- Learn & practice tools to support your physical health, mental resilience, and financial independence
- Get a boost for your mental, physical, and financial wellbeing
- Receive the TAYO Your Best Self Toolkit!

LIVE on November 13th!

Do you need a boost for your support system and health?

  • You want to make connections & meet new friends

  • You want to learn from professionals

  • You want to share your experiences with other OFWs

  • You want to learn how take better care of your body, mind, and wallet!

  • You are ready to challenge yourself 

  • You want to keep developing into a better and stronger you!

Our Your Best Self! Event is designed so you can get the boost you need so you can be at your best !

Physically, mentally, and financially!

Here is how YOU can join: 

Online Learning

Step 2: BOOK your place by purchasing a ticket on this website

Tickets are £22 per person

or buy a KUMARE ticket (bring a friend) or a BARKADA ticket (bring 2 friends).

TAYO Co-Lab Sept.jpg

Step 3: Join us on the day and invest in your best self!

Join the live workshop and salu-salo! Learn, connect, and grow together. 

Join from your timezone: 

  • London: 10:00 am - 12:30 am

  • Dubai: 2:00 pm to 4:30 pm

  • Singapore: 6:00 pm to 8:30 pm

What to expect at Your Best Self
on November 13th?

Expect to have lots of fun & lots of learning!

Fitness at Home

Box & Burn!

Fun fitness class!

Happy Traveler

Financial Freedom

Learn more about our TAYO Butterfly Financial Freedom framework.

Happy Smile

Your Best Skin!

Our featured dermatologist answers your FAQ about skincare!

Classmates in the Library

Real Talk

Be yourself! Be supported by our community of overseas workers.

Smiling Person Typing On Laptop

Mental Resilience

Learn practical tools to help you overcome challenges.


Your Best Self Toolkit

Take home a digital toolkit so you can apply everything you learned into YOUR LIFE!

+ plus EXCLUSIVE content and support at after the live event! 

What our #TeamTAYO FDW Group members say about us:

“The good thing here is that you are free to explore yourself as a member, like a family 👪”

Who is teaching and leading
Your Best Self on November 13th?

Meet your teachers, trainers, and friends!



Our guest fitness trainer will teach you a Box & Burn class, plus three everyday exercises to help keep your body at its BEST! 


Screenshot 2021-11-07 at 15.23.34.png


You'll learn practical advice from guest speaker and TAYO Core Team member, Maya, about mental resilience and financial wellbeing as an OFW!

📍Hong Kong

Dr Jasmin Jamora_edited.jpg

Dr Jamora

Our guest speaker, Dr Jamora, a dermatologist, will teach you the Do's & Don'ts for your BEST SKIN!


Screenshot 2021-11-07 at 15.23.20.png


You'll learn practical advice from guest speaker, Lei, about mental resilience and financial wellbeing as an OFW!

📍Hong Kong

Screenshot 2021-11-09 at 17.05.31.png


Chris from our TAYO Lead Team will be co-leading and facilitating YOUR BEST SELF!




Tanya, our founder, will be co-leading and facilitating YOUR BEST SELF from London! She'll be teaching you tools for mental resilience & the TAYO Butterfly Financial Freedom framework.


+ plus connect with other members of our #TeamTAYO Filipino Domestic Workers Group! 

About Team TAYO 

Grow into your best self. #GrowTogether
In our TAYO online community on Facebook, we support overseas Filipino domestic workers to learn and grow, through educational content and community interaction.
If you are a Filipino domestic worker, living overseas, and you want to take control of your bright future - our TAYO group is a community that will support your personal growth and development.
Join TAYO and grow into your best self - in mind, body, and financial independence.
Learn, share and grow together.
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BOOK with FRIENDS - 2 or 3 tickets

Sponsor a domestic worker

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