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#WeAreMigrants Feature: Teresa in Thailand



Freelance Migrant Worker age group: 60 years old and up

1. What YEAR did you first become a migrant and what was the REASON behind your migration?

2008. My income in the Philippines was never enough to support our family.

2. What was the BIGGEST CHALLENGE that you've had to OVERCOME as a migrant?

When i helped establish our migrant organization here in Thailand in 2015, the biggest challenge is how to help the problems we faced here on labor concerns, visa and work permit problems, etc. The current problem we face now is joblessness due to the pandemic. Migrant workers in the entertainment sectors have no jobs since March, 2020.

3. What makes you PROUD to be a migrant?

As a migrant worker, my tenacity, patience and perseverance has been tested yet i still stand and survived it all.

4. Tell us about a migrant-focused organization whose work you love and why!

Association of Concerned Filipinos in Thailand (Action-Filthai) is a multi-sectoral migrant organization that has been helping Filipino migrant workers and their families in all facets of our problems here. It is focused on promotion and protection on the rights and welfare of filipinos working in Thailand.

This feature is one of the entries to our #WeAreMigrants Contest - in celebration of International Migrants Day 2020.

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