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#WeAreMigrants Feature: May Belen U. in the United Kingdom

May Belen U.

United Kingdom

Housekeeper and Carer age group: 50 to 59 years old

1. What YEAR did you first become a migrant and what was the REASON behind your migration?

1988 ...... poverty and the eldest among my two brothers and four more sisters ... grown in an slum area in Metro Manila.

2. What was the BIGGEST CHALLENGE that you've had to OVERCOME as a migrant?

Even [if I] received a low income i start little by little to build a house for my family.

3. What makes you PROUD to be a migrant?

Experience travelling some places like Egypt ,UAE, France,and UK.

4. Tell us about a migrant-focused organization whose work you love and why!

I start join last two years ago TVoDW in UK as a member and i learned ,study more about the organization activities.

This feature is one of the entries to our #WeAreMigrants Contest - in celebration of International Migrants Day 2020.

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