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#WeAreMigrants Feature: Caseres Gloria

Caseres Gloria

London, United Kingdom

Nanny / Housekeeper age group

1. How many years since you migrated, or since you became a migrant worker? What do you remember most about that first migration experience?

I migrated since 2018 until now. When I started to work full time in the UK for a couple, I only worked for them for about 1 year and a half because we had a misunderstanding. After that, I would only do part time jobs. After a while I met my previous employer again, but I did not stay long with them because they would shout at me and did not treat me well.

2. The migrant workers in our TAYO community are people of strength and generosity. Tell us about a time this 2022 where you saw strength or generosity in yourself or in a fellow migrant worker.

Yes TAYO is nice group na nagtturo ng financial to manage the money.ito isa sa mga grupo na sinalihan ko na voice of domestic workers .marami ako nattunan sa english .at higit sa lahat wala ko idea or wala alamsa computer lpero sa now medyo may alam nq.

Yes, TAYO is a nice group that teaches financial lessons to manage money. This is one of the groups I joined through the Voice of Domestic Workers. I learned a lot in english class. And more than anything, I had no idea and did not know much about computers, but now I have a bit of knowledge.

3. Our TAYO community believes in the multiple talents and skills of our members. Tell us about talent or skill that you have, that you’d like others to know more about.

my talent sa now wala pa ako masabi kasi patuloy ako nag aaral sa the voice of domestic workers.

As of now I can't share a specific talent, but I keep studying at the Voice of Domestic Workers.

4. For the family members and loved ones that are still in your home country, what is your message for them as we end 2022 and start the new year 2023?

Wish ko now 2023 ingat cila palagi at higit sa lahat nasa mabuti sila masaganang bagong taon at masagabg pasko at mahal na mahal ko sila at mis na miss ko na sila lahat. merry christmas and happy new year

I wish for them this 2023 that they will take care always and more than anything, to have good health. and a prosperous new year and christmas. I love them very much and I miss them all very much. Merry Christmas and happy new year.

This feature is one of the entries to our #WeAreMigrants Contest - in celebration of International Migrants Day 2022.

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*Minor edits have been made to this text to improve readability. These edits have not altered the intended meaning or message of the original author.

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