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Celebrating Migrant Domestic Workers on International Women’s Day

As we honor women on International Women’s Day this Monday (March 8), we want to shine a spotlight on women who are migrant domestic workers (MDWs).

All over the globe there are millions of MDWs who continue to do domestic work despite the current pandemic. A large number of MDWs have been adversely affected by COVID-19 emotionally, financially, mentally, and physically. Nevertheless, these women continue to be the sole or main breadwinner for their families and have been doing their best to adjust to life in a post-pandemic world.

Today, we want to acknowledge and celebrate their wins. We asked a few women MDWs who are part of the TAYO community to share their achievements so far. Here is what they shared*:

  • “I am able to look after my family and give everything that my kids need for a better future and support them.”

  • “I’m proud that as a migrant worker, I can support the needs of my family. I have helped some of my neighbours in my community during this pandemic as well.”

  • “For me, the biggest achievement as a woman is to become a real mum. It was actually my dream to be a mum before and I’m definitely one now! Secondly, having my own house and lot, and a business and investments are achievements too.”

  • My biggest achievement so far as a woman is who I am right now. I rebuilt myself from being a broken woman to a strong woman. I can now give what my family and children want and I am prepared for their education by having my own bank accounts.”

  • “My biggest achievement so far is being strong enough to stand on my own. As a strong woman, I can support my family back home and I can achieve my dream to buy a house.”

  • Being able to stand on my own two feet. Before, I always depended on my family. Now, I can decide on what I think is best for me. No one controls what I should or should not do.”

  • “I can now help my family financially and give them a house that they can say is their own home. Also, being part of a charity organisation, The Voice of Domestic Workers.”

  • “I now have my own food cart and I can support my family’s needs. We can eat three times a day and we are happy and content.

  • My daughter was able to finish her studies and she now works in a hospital’s accounting department. I can now start to build our dream house. I already have a 100 square meters sized lot.”

  • I’m so proud of being an OFW. I can earn more money to support the needs and education of my son and I am planning to build my own house in the future.”

  • Having a lot of investments, being able to give my mother a house, and being able to help my siblings to be financially stable.”

  • “I am proud that the financial status of my family is stable, because I am a migrant worker. We are now safe and sound, and secure. Before, we struggled so much just to have a meal a day.”

  • I was able to build my own house. It made my mother, who is old now, proud and happy.”

As MDWs move forward in the New Normal, TAYO seeks to empower and support them by providing access to fun, simple, and rewarding financial education and management tools — through our mobile app and online community. You can test our TAYO app here.

If you are a migrant or overseas worker, join our TAYO community by getting in touch through the form below.

*Quotes have been edited for clarity.

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