Advocacy and Support for Filipino Migrant Workers

Updated: Dec 18, 2020

According to the International Labour Organization, “10 million Filipinos live abroad and more than 1 million Filipinos leave the country each year to work abroad.” Filipino migrant workers can be found in various fields and industries around the world. Unfortunately, countless migrant workers — Filipino migrant domestic workers, in particular — are faced with hardships and obstacles that impact their rights and, in extreme cases, endanger their lives as they seek out employment in other countries.

Here are some groups and organizations that advocate for the rights of Filipino migrant workers around the world. Please take note that these organizations do not assist people in leaving their home countries to find work in another country.

Center for Migrant Advocacy – Philippines



CMA-Phils is an advocacy group that promotes the rights of overseas Filipinos — migrant workers and Filipino immigrants — and their families. The Center works to help improve the economic, social and political conditions of migrant Filipino families through policy advocacy, information dissemination, networking, capability-building, and direct assistance.

European Network of Filipino Diaspora (ENFiD)



ENFiD is an international association that seeks to build bridges of communication and cooperation among Filipinos in Europe. It provides a forum for regional and global interaction between and among Filipino individuals and organizations within the European community, the Philippines, and the rest of the world.




Kalayaan was formally established in 1987 by domestic workers and their supporters. It is a small, London-based charity which seeks to provide practical advice to — as well as campaign with and for the rights of — migrant domestic workers in the UK. The charity is regulated by the Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner to give some immigration advice and they also give basic employment advice.

Migrant Forum Asia (MFA)



MFA is a regional network of NGOs, associations and trade unions of migrant workers, and individuals in Asia who are committed to protect and promote the rights and welfare of migrant workers. MFA acts as a facilitator and a regional communication and coordination point between member-organizations and advocates. The network also forges concerted action to address issues affecting migrant workers, such as discriminatory laws and policies, gender-based violence against migrants, unjust living conditions, and so on.

The Voice of Domestic Workers



The Voice of Domestic Workers seeks to end discrimination and protect migrant domestic workers in the UK by providing or assisting in the provision of education, training, healthcare and legal advice.​ They have educational and community activities for domestic workers, including English language lessons, and drama and art classes. They also give employment advice and provide support for domestic workers who exit from abusive employers.​

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