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TAYO Kickstart 2021 Financial Wellbeing Guide

This TAYO Kickstart 2021 Financial Wellbeing Guide is made for YOU.

What's in Kickstart 2021?


  • A guide that walks you through the process of reflecting on 2020 and preparing for 2021

  • Worksheets and prompts to help you capture your experience and learning from 2020

  • Structure to help you kickstart 2021 with confidence and a plan of action for your financial growth

  • Inspirational quotes

  • Pages for notes


Purchase the Kickstart 2021 digital guide AND support through our quarterly TAYO Kickstart online workshops for £5.99. 

Why purchase the Kickstart support? 

Have you ever made a New Years resolution and forgot about it just a few months after... or set a goal, but felt clueless about making a plan to reach it? Do you need that extra push to help you get on your financial health in shape? Then the quarterly TAYO Kickstart online workshops are for you. 


We know just how hard it is to stay on track with your goals and plans. Our TAYO Kickstart calls will support YOU to set your goals and stay on track to reach them this year. In our first workshop in January, we’ll go through the TAYO Kickstart 2021 guide step-by-step, answer any questions you have, challenge you, and cheer you on.There are limited spots, so purchase your ticket today. 


To receive the TAYO Kickstart 2021 financial wellbeing guide only, with no access to support: £2.29



Would you like to GIFT this GUIDE to migrant workers? 


Sponsor TAYO Kickstart 2021 tickets and guides for migrant workers from our partner organisations. You'll also receive a guide yourself. 

5 migrants -  £24.95 

20 migrants - £96.89

  • TAYO Kickstart 2021: Financial Wellbeing Guide + Quarterly Kickstart Support