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International Migrants Day

Read our 2022 featured stories from migrants!
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Celebrating migrants 

This International Migrants Day, TAYO honors and celebrates migrant stories and lives. For the third year in a row, we are running our #WeAreMigrants campaign and contest to amplify migrant voices. 

In the days surrounding December 18, 2022, International Migrants Day, we are celebrating through migrant community centered activities and resources.

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#Wearemigrants contest 2022

Read our 2021 featured stories from migrants!
Click on the boxes and text to read the whole feature.

2020 FEATURES: #WeAreMigrants

Read our 2020 featured stories from migrants around the world! Click on the squares to read more.


Congratulations to last year's 2021 #WeAreMigrants contest winners: Karen, Gilda, and Aimee! You can read their prize winning features above. Thank you to all the migrant workers who shared their inspiring stories with all of us!

As part of our celebration, we hosted a panel discussion with women from our Filipino migrant domestic worker community. You can watch the full discussion on our YouTube channel here
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Celebrating migrants 

This International Migrants Day, TAYO honors and celebrates migrant stories and lives.


Are you a migrant?

A special part of our celebration is to hear from migrants - we want to hear your stories and experiences in your own words. Are you a migrant or overseas worker? Tell us about your journey and inspire other migrants! 


Join our 2022 #WEAREMIGRANTS
Campaign and Contest!


Submit your answers to the questions below, on this page. Write truthfully about your experiences.

Jump to the submission form.


Contest Opens: 3 December 2022
Deadline for submissions: 11 December, 10 pm GMT.  EXTENDED TO 18 Dec 3pm GMT! 

Announcement of winners: 20 December 2022.


  • All participants in the contest will receive a TAYO Certificate of Recognition! (PDF). 

  • There will be prizes for 4 winning entries - including a people's choice prize!

  • Prizes will be shared 2 to 6 weeks following the contest completion. 


You may submit your entry in any language and from any country, but please indicate the name of the language in your submission. The competition is open to all migrants of any nationality around the world. Only one entry per participant will be considered. 

List of required questions 

  1. How many years since you migrated, or since you became a migrant worker? What do you remember most about that first migration experience
    Ilang taon na mula ng una kang nag-ibang bansa, o mula naging migrant worker ka? Ano ang pinakanaaalala mo tungkol sa karanasan mo noong panahon na iyon? 

  2.  The migrant workers in our TAYO community are people of strength and generosity. Tell us about a time this 2022 where you saw strength or generosity in yourself or in a fellow migrant worker. 
    Ang mga migrant workers sa TAYO community ay mga taong malakas at mapagbigay. Mag-share ka ng isang oras sa 2022 na nakita mo ang pagiging malakas o mapagbigay sa iyong sarili o sa kapwang migrant worker? 

  3. Our TAYO community believes in the multiple talents and skills of our members. Tell us about talent or skill that you have, that  you’d like others to know more about.
    Ang TAYO community ay naniniwala na ang mga members natin ay madaming talento at kakayahan. Mag-share tungkol sa isang talento o kakayahan na meron ka, na gusto mong malaman ng ibang tao. 

  4. For the family members and loved ones that are still in your home country, what is your message for them as we end 2022 and start the new year 2023? 
    Para sa mga kapamilya at mga mahal sa buhay na nananatili sa iyong bansang pinagmulan, ano ang inyong mensahe para sa kanila ngayong katapusan ng 2022 at ang simula ng bagong taon 2023? 

(Maximum 200 words per question - approximately 1200 characters)

Jump to the submission form. 

Email for questions! Like us on Facebook for more updates!

Terms & Conditions:

  • By submitting your entry via the form below, you give TAYO International the permission to share your written submissions publicly on any of our communication channels, whether in written or spoken form.

  • We will credit you for your submissions - in whole or part, with the name you provide in this form. You have the option to use your full name, first name only, or a pseudonym for privacy purposes. 

  • You must have a valid email address to be eligible for the competition. Contest winners must be able to communicate via email in order to avail of their prize.

  • Your personal contact information will remain private and confidential. We will not share your personal contact information, such as your email address, with anyone outside of TAYO International.

  • TAYO International reserves the right not to publish or share your submission, if found to be untruthful, disrespectful or inappropriate. 


3 December 2022

Join TAYO's #WeAremigrants
Campaign &

Sorry, submissions for this contest are now closed.

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